What Year Was The Station Fire?

How many died in great white fire?

100Memorial Park Honors Victims Of 2003 Rhode Island Nightclub Fire : The Two-Way On Feb.

20, 2003, the band Great White was playing when pyrotechnics ignited flammable soundproofing foam.

The nightclub was engulfed in flames — killing 100 people and injuring more than 200..

When was the Station nightclub built?

1946Built in 1946, the wooden Station nightclub was grandfathered into an exception for laws requiring ceiling fire sprinklers. More than 460 fans had crowded into the wooden, single-story, 4,480 -square-foot nightclub known as The Station in West Warwick, R.I., to enjoy a Thursday night show on Feb. 20, 2003.

Did the Station nightclub have sprinklers?

The Station Nightclub building did not have an automatic sprinkler system (Leonard, 2010).

Who is the lead guitarist for Great White?

Ty LongleyMark KendallMichael LardieTyler NelsonMatthew JohnsonGreat White/Guitarists

Where is Station Fire?

West Warwick, Rhode Island, United StatesThe Station nightclub fire/Location

What caused the Station nightclub fire?

The fire was caused by pyrotechnics set off by the tour manager of the evening’s headlining band, Great White, which ignited flammable acoustic foam in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage.

Who was the bouncer at The Station fire?

Jody King’s brother Tracy was a bouncer at The Station when the fire struck and killed 100. Today King remains close to the Derderian brothers, who owned the nightclub, and works with them on the Station Education Fund helping children of the victims.

When was the Rhode Island nightclub fire?

February 20, 2003The Station nightclub fire/Start dates

Is Jack Russell still with great white?

In 2006 he began touring with the official Great White band when they reformed with their classic lineup, then left the band in 2009 due to a fall in his bathroom where he cracked two vertebrae and herniated a disc.