What Killed Rick Ocasek?

What did Ric Ocasek have surgery for?

Porizkova’s note says the singer died in his sleep after surgery, presumably for his heart condition.

“Ric was at home recuperating very well after surgery.

“I found him still asleep when bringing him his Sunday morning coffee..

What musician died in 2019?

The year we lost Nipsey Hussle, Ric Ocasek, Jessye Norman, Juice WRLD, Ginger Baker, Daniel Johnston and many more. An alphabetical list of musicians and music industry figures who died in 2019. Tom Draper (label executive, RCA, Warner Bros.) Jeanie Patterson (founder, the Sweetwater club in Mill Valley, Calif.)

What singer killed himself recently?

CHESTER Bennington, lead singer of rock band Linkin Park, has died aged 41. The Los Angeles County coroner has confirmed the death of the star – with TMZ reporting he was found dead in a private residence in Palo Verdes Estates, Los Angeles. His body was discovered this morning just before 9am.

How old is Ric Ocasek from The Cars?

75 years (1944–2019)Ric Ocasek/Age at death

Why did Rick and Paulina break up?

Paulina Porizkova on Ric Ocasek split: ‘It seemed like only one of us wanted to be married, and that was me’ … In 2018, the pair — who met when a then-19-year-old Porizkova starred in the 1984 music video for “Drive” opposite the 40-year-old Ocasek — announced that they’d separated the year before.

How did Rick OK sick from the cars died?

Ocasek was found dead on September 15, 2019, by Porizkova at his New York City townhouse, which they still shared. He had been recovering from surgery. The Chief Medical Examiner office reported that Ocasek died from natural causes. He suffered from both hypertensive heart and coronary artery disease.

Is Ric Ocasek dead?

Deceased (1944–2019)Ric Ocasek/Living or Deceased

What is Ed Sheeran worth?

$160 millionEd Sheeran is not a billionaire, but he’s well on his way to becoming one. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Ed’s net worth is currently $160 million. His money primarily comes from touring, between 2017 and 2019 Ed embarked on the highest-grossing tour of all time, earning him $775 million.

Who all died in 2020?

More recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 and beloved Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman died at age 43….All the Celebrities We’ve Said Farewell to in 2020Eddie Van Halen. … Chadwick Boseman. … Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … Diana Rigg. … Cliff Robinson. … Regis Philbin. … John Lewis. … C.T.More items…•

What singer just died 2020?

2020 Rock n Roll DeathsNameAgeDateAlan Merrill Arrows69March 29, 2020Bill Withers81March 30, 2020Cristina Singer with ZE Records64March 31, 2020Adam Schlesinger Fountains of Wayne, Ivy52April 1, 202099 more rows

What did Ric Ocasek die from today?

Ocasek died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, according to a press release Monday from the medical examiner’s office. There was a contributing condition of pulmonary emphysema. The manner of death was natural.

Who did Ric Ocasek leave his money to?

The Reason The Cars’ Frontman Ric Ocasek Left His Wife Paulina Porizkova Out of His Will. Fans of 1980s music were sad to learn recently of the passing of singer Ric Ocasek of The Cars at the age of 75.

What nationality is the name Ocasek?

CzechUser Submitted Origins Also see the lists of names of Czech origin. O is for orderly, a lifelong passion. C is for compatible, a friend’s friend.

What was Ric Ocasek net worth?

Ric Ocasek net worth: Ric Ocasek was an American music producer and musician who had a net worth of $80 million at the time of his death in 2019.

Who is the richest rock star?

Top 50 Richest Rock Stars#1. Paul McCartney Net Worth. $1.2 Billion. … #2. Bono Net Worth. $700 Million. … #3. Jimmy Buffett Net Worth. $600 Million. … #4. Bruce Springsteen Net Worth. $500 Million. … #5. Elton John Net Worth. $500 Million. … #6. Keith Richards Net Worth. $500 Million. … #7. Mick Jagger Net Worth. $500 Million. … #8. Eric Clapton Net Worth. $450 Million.More items…

How old is Paulina?

55 years (April 9, 1965)Paulina Porizkova/Age

Why did Benjamin Orr leave the cars?

His skin seemed to be a different color and they wondered if he had hepatitis.” When Orr was diagnosed, his doctors suggested that he cease touring with Big People to regain some strength to endure treatment, Milliken adds.