Quick Answer: Why Is Live Rock Purple?

Does Live Rock need light?

While your tank is cycling, lights aren’t really necessary.

Most live rock is cured in vats at the suppliers for a week or two without lights.

A few hours a day is ok for any photosynthetic organisms on the live rock for now.

Once the cycle is complete, you can begin increasing your photoperiod gradually..

What is the purple stuff on my live rock?

We are currently working on propagating our Live Rock with a highly epiphytic species of coralline algae dubbed “Purple Helix”. It is a vibrant color combination of purple and pink. Most Live Rock that you find in a fish tank will look pale or washed out over time.

How long does it take for dry rock to turn purple?

In most tanks I have had with dry rock, it takes from 6 months to a year before I start to see it on the rock. Before this my rock has turned brown then green then red and back to green again before I see any purple.

Do you need to cure dry rock?

There’s no need to cure dry rock. You cure fresh live rock so that you don’t get die off of organisms in your tank and cause a spike. Dry rock doesn’t have organisms that will die off, thus no curing. Give it a rinse and put it in the tank.

How long can live rock stay out of water?

Yeah, you have a window of about 24 hour before you have serious loss to bacteria. Keep it moist with wet towels from that water it is in now and you should be fine.

How long does it take for dry rocks to live?

roughly 6-8 weeksCompletely dry rock with no seeding products or live sand roughly 6-8 weeks.

Is green algae on live rock bad?

It is also known as “string algae.” There are many different species of green algae that can take on a hair-like appearance. More a nuisance than anything else, green hair algae is not toxic to fish or invertebrates. However, thick mats can cause fish and invertebrates to become entangled, keeping them from eating.

How do you remove algae from live rock?

Remove the rock and drench the algae with 3% hydrogen peroxide outside of water. let the rock sit out of water for 5 minutes making sure the algae stays wet with hydrogen peroxide… add more if needed. Do not do any scrubbing, just make sure the algae is saturated with hydrogen peroxide.

Does live rock change color?

As long as your tank parameters are kept in good check coralline colors will become evident on the live rock over time but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Can Live Rock come back to life?

No it will not come back to life on it’s own. You can “seed” it with actual live rock though. It will take some time to do so but it can happen given enough time.

Does Purple raise alkalinity?

It is also known as kalk. It dissolves in the water and is used to stabilize pH, raise calcium and alkalinity.

Does live rock die?

live rock is rock. Rocks don’t die. live rocks are just a good media for good bateria to house in there to keep your tank biologically balance cuz lr is very porous.