Quick Answer: When Did KISS FM Go Legal?

When did KISS FM start?

1985Kiss FM, launching in 1985, was designed to help urban and black musicians get into the music scene, at a time when conventional stations refused to play their music..

Who is the owner of k24 TV?

K24 TVHeadquartersDSM Place, Kijabe StreetProgrammingLanguage(s)British English Kenyan SwahiliOwnershipOwnerMediamax Network Ltd12 more rows

How much does Kyle Sandilands get paid?

Kyle, 48, and Jackie, 45, reportedly earn $8 million each annually, but the pay cut will bring their salary down closer to $7.2 million.

What happened to Tom and Daisy Kiss breakfast?

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, two original members of the dance group Diversity, are taking over the breakfast show on KISS. Tom Green is leaving the station whilst Daisy Maskell moves to breakfast on KISS Fresh from July 13th. Jordan and Perri said “This is major!! …

Can Alexa play Kisstory?

KISSTORY – KISSTORY is now available on Amazon Echo! | Facebook.

What frequency is Kiss FM?

Kiss 105-108Broadcast areaEast of EnglandFrequency105.6 MHz FM (Cambridge) 106.1 MHz FM (Norwich) 106.4 MHz FM (Ipswich & Colchester) 107.7 MHz FM (Peterborough)BrandingKISSProgrammingFormatDance / hip hop / R&B9 more rows

Why has Kiss Breakfast changed?

Tom Green has decided to move on from KISS to explore new opportunities. Tom Green said, “Hosting the KISS FM Breakfast Show for the last 18 months has been an absolute blast! We’ve had highs and lows and it is, without question, my greatest career achievement to date! However, it has come to an end!

Is AM radio analog?

Within the next few years, AM and FM radio stations across the country will begin broadcasting a digital signal alongside their current analog signals on the same frequency. … Digital radio goes beyond AM and FM, however. In many parts of the world, long wave and shortwave radio are the main sources for news and music.

What was Kiss radio before?

Starting out as a Bristol pirate radio station, it became part of the Galaxy Radio network broadcasting to South Wales and the West of England, playing pop, dance, hip hop, urban, R&B and electronic music as Galaxy 101. It was eventually bought by EMAP and became Kiss 101 in September 2006 and part of the Kiss network.

Who owns Kiss FM?

The KIIS Network is a network of radio stations owned and operated by the Australian Radio Network. Formerly branded as the Mix Network, the network was rebranded as the KIIS Network in 2015 following the relaunch of KIIS 101.1 Melbourne.

Is Kisstory Cancelled?

Kisstory Festival on Saturday 25th July 2020. Please note, this event has been postponed until 24th Jul 2021. … For anyone wanting to purchase tickets to KISSTORY Festival 2021, these will be on sale soon so keep it KISS for the latest announcements. Saturday 24th July 2021 in Crystal Palace Park, London.

Why did Tom and Daisy leave?

Why do Tom and Daisy leave? They run away to escape responsibility, just as they left Chicago to escape some unspecified scandal. They are “careless” people who take no notice of the harm they have caused.

What happened kiss breakfast?

Rickie, Melvin and Charlie hosted Kiss breakfast for 10 years, eventually leaving for BBC Radio 1 in 2018. Tom Green and Daisy Maskell have been presenting since their departure.

What does KIIS FM stand for?

KIIS-FM (102.7 MHz, “102.7 KIIS FM”, pronounced “Kiss FM”) is a commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Los Angeles, California and broadcasts to the Greater Los Angeles area. …

Is Kiss Dance on DAB?

The station – which promises more new dance and urban tracks and artists than its parent channel – has been available on the digital network in parts of the UK, as well as online and via the Freeview platform, for a few years now, but yesterday’s move means it is now available via DAB across the country.