Quick Answer: What Year Did Rock Me Baby Come Out?

Where was Rock Your Baby filmed?

AmsterdamGeorge McCrae – Rock your baby 1974, (this clip is shot in Amsterdam).

How old is George McCrae?

75 years (October 19, 1944)George McCrae/Age

Is BB King still alive?

Deceased (1925–2015)B.B. King/Living or Deceased

How tall is George McCrae?

1.75m.According to internet, George McCrae’s height is 1.75m. Stone was an example of the post-World War II hustle that helped produce the record industry we came to know in the late 20th century.

Where is George McCrae from?

West Palm Beach, Florida, United StatesGeorge McCrae/Place of birth

McCrae was the second of nine children, born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He formed his own singing group, the Jivin’ Jets, before joining the United States Navy in 1963. He married Gwen McCrae (née Mosley) in 1963.

Who made Rockme baby?

B.B. KingJoe BihariRock Me Baby/Composers

Who wrote the song Rock Me?

Dr. LukeCirkutPeter SvenssonKool KojakSam HollanderRock Me/Lyricists

Who is George McCrae wife?

Gwen McCraem. 1963–1977Yvonne McCraeGeorge McCrae/Wife