Quick Answer: What Happened To The Lead Singer Of The Band Warrant?

When did the lead singer of Warrant die?

August 11, 2011Death.

On August 11, 2011, the Los Angeles Police Department and local news stations announced that Lane was found dead of acute alcohol poisoning at a Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California at the age of 47..

Who is the singer for Warrant?

Jani LaneRobert MasonAdam ShoreWarrant/Singers

Who is Jani Lane’s daughter?

Taylar Jayne LaneMadison Michelle LaneJani Lane/Daughters

What age did Janie Lane die?

47 years (1964–2011)Jani Lane/Age at deathLane died at 47-years-old after suffering from alcohol poisoning. He was found in a Comfort Inn Hotel in Woodland Hills, Calif.

How old is the lead singer of Warrant?

Others, such as Warrant’s Jani Lane, were never able to abandon the rock and roll lifestyle. Lane died on August 11, 2011, of acute alcohol poisoning. He was 47.

Who’s the lead singer for Great White?

Jack Russell1977 – 2001Terry Ilous2011 – 2018Great White/Lead singers

How old is Bobbie Jean Brown?

51 years (October 7, 1969)Bobbie Brown/Age

Did Jani Lane die?

August 11, 2011Jani Lane/Date of death

What is Jani Lane’s real name?

John Kennedy OswaldJani Lane/Full name

How much is Jani Lane worth?

How much is Jani Lane Worth? Jani Lane net worth: Jani Lane was an American rock star who was most famous for being the lead singer of the band Warrant. At the time of his death he had a net worth of $500 thousand.

Did the lead singer of the cars pass away?

September 15, 2019, Manhattan, New York, United StatesRic Ocasek/Died

Who wrote the song Heaven by warrant and who is it about?

Heaven (Warrant song)”Heaven”GenreGlam metalLength3:57LabelColumbiaSongwriter(s)Jani Lane9 more rows