Quick Answer: Is That Really Katy Perry In Taylor Swift’S Video?

Does Taylor Swift have cousins?

WATCH: Katy Perry Finds Out She’s Taylor Swift’s Cousin..

Who is the richest female singer?

RihannaRihanna is named as the world’s wealthiest female musician. Rihanna’s music is far from the only source of her wealth. (CNN) Rihanna has emerged as the richest female musician in the world, with a fortune considerably larger than those of the grande dames of pop: Madonna, Céline Dion and Beyoncé.

Who is Katy Perry’s cousin?

Taylor SwiftKaty Perry and Taylor Swift are ninth cousins!

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are good friends, but their relationship hasn’t always been smooth. After a fight between the two megastars, Katy sent Taylor an actual olive branch — a gesture that apparently ended the feud. They may be happy to learn they are actually related, as Katy Perry is Taylor Swift’s 9th cousin!

Who is worth more Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

While she ranked just below Perry in 2018 on Forbes’ list at $80 million, she went on to top the list in 2019 at $185 million, while Perry was in at fourth place with $57.5 million. … In 2020, it was reported that Taylor has a net worth of $400 million, $70 million more than Katy.

Does Taylor Swift have a back tattoo?

While a Taylor Swift back tattoo may not have been something you ever saw coming, don’t worry. The ink is definitely not real, but it does represent the singer’s move to a more positive, beautiful place. If tattoos are all about expression, then Swift is saying that it’s time to spread her butterfly wings and fly.

Who stars in You need to calm down?

More videos on YouTubeFrom left, Tatianna, Trinity Taylor, Delta Work, Trinity K Bonet, Jade Jolie, Riley Knoxx, Adore Delano, and A’Keria Davenport. … Adam Lambert and Ellen DeGeneres. … Adam Rippon. … Clockwise from top left: Taylor Swift, Bobby Berk, Todrick Hall, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, and Karamo Brown.More items…•

Is that Katy Perry in Taylor Swift’s video?

They officially ended their feud last week, but now Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have taken their friendship to the next level. The pair star in Taylor’s new music video for single You Need To Calm Down. … But fans were in for a surprise when Katy appeared, hugging Taylor while dressed as a large burger and chips.

How Old Is Katy Perry now?

35 years (October 25, 1984)Katy Perry/Age

Who is the richest female singer 2020?

Richest female musicians in the world 2020Celine Dion – $450 Million. … Beyonce Knowles – $400 Million. … Barbra Streisand – $400 Million. … Jennifer Lopez – $400 Million. … Taylor Swift – $360 Million. taylorswift. … Mariah Carey – $300 Million. mariahcarey. … Lady Gaga – $300 Million. ladygaga. … Britney Spears – $215 Million. britneyspears.More items…•

Who is richer Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is thought to be worth around $400 million following her latest album, Lover. Just two years ago, her net worth was around $320 million. Meanwhile, Grande is estimated to be worth around $100 million.

Which drag queens were in you need to calm down?

Featured in the scene are Tatianna (Ariana Grande), Trinity The Tuck (Lady Gaga), Delta Work (Adele), Trinity K. Bonet (Cardi B), Jade Jolie (Swift), Adore Delano (Katy Perry), A’Keria Chanel Davenport (Nicki Minaj), and Beyoncé impersonator Riley Knoxx as Mrs.

Why was Katy Perry in you need to calm down?

You Need To Calm Down But, I sent it to her and she was like ‘I would love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness’ and I feel the same way about it” the “You Belong With Me” singer admitted. Swift also admitted that the inspiration for the costumes came from Perry herself.

Who is the burger in calm down?

Katy PerryKaty Perry as a hamburger At the 2019 Met Gala, Katy Perry dressed up for the after-party in a full-on hamburger costume. She reprises that look for appearance in Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” video. Swift, herself in a French fries costume, seeks Perry out in the midst of a joyous food fight.