Quick Answer: How Do You Use Air Mixlr?

How do you record on Mixlr?

Recording your Mixlr broadcastIt’s also possible to toggle the REC button on and off when you’re already broadcasting.

If you click ‘Yes’ you will open your Recordings window.

Your broadcasts will be recorded to a local folder on your computer.More items….

How do I activate my Mixlr account?

Create account Tap the ‘ME’ icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and you’ll have the option to create a new account, or to log in if you already have an account. TIP: If you create a new account you’ll need to go to your email to activate the account before you can log in to the Android app.

How do I download Mixlr?

Click the ‘Download’ button to download your broadcast recording to your computer. TIP: currently it’s not possible to download your recordings to a mobile device.

How do you put air on Mixlr?

Starting a broadcast on the Mixlr desktop app is simple. Just click the red ‘Start’ button and you’re live on Mixlr! To stop your broadcast at any time just click the red button again. If you’re unable to start a broadcast click here.

How does Mixlr work?

Mixlr allows users to broadcast pre-recorded material via SoundCloud, or live audio via a microphone input. … Both allow you to choose and test a sound input source (typically an inbuilt or external microphone connected to your computer) and title your broadcast before going live or setting a broadcast time.

Is Mixlr free to broadcast?

Reach an audience as big as you need at no extra cost Connect and engage with listeners all over the world with the confidence that everyone will be able to connect to your live stream. Mixlr has dedicated servers set aside, allowing you to scale your broadcasts as big as you need.