Question: Who Sold More Albums Megadeth Or Metallica?

Why is Metallica so good?

Because they stuck around for thirty years and have made good music.

They’ve played everything from thrash to lighter music.

The heart of Metallica’s success is the constant touring they’ve done throughout their career.

The number of albums they produced is less compared to the span of time they’ve been around..

Is Megadeth or Metallica better?

Megadeth is underated compared to Metallica. in my opinion i would say Megadeth is more talented in the songwriting aspect. they are more melodic and cover some vital issues of society in their lyrics. But i love listening to both.

Who wrote Tornado of Souls solo?

Said Mustaine: “‘Tornado of Souls’ was written the day I broke up with my fiancé; it explains what I went through, how I sprang out of it. I thought my existence was in that relationship – I was trapped in the eye of a tornado, and if I stepped out of line, I’d be blown to oblivion. No more whirlwind romances for me.

How many albums has Metallica sold?

110 million albumsAbout Metallica Having sold 110 million albums worldwide, Metallica is the third highest selling artist in the United States in SoundScan History, behind only Garth Brooks and The Beatles.

Which Metallica album sold the most?

Metallica (The Black Album)Metallica (The Black Album) (1991) “Metallica” is one of the best-selling albums in history, also known as “The Black Album.” It is, doubtlessly, the band’s most famous work. Metallica has sold over 30 million copies of this album alone since its release.

What is the first Metallica album?

Ron McGovney’s ’82 Garage DemoMetallica/First album

Who is the #1 selling artist of all time?

Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Drake is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units.

Why is it called The Black Album?

When the Beatles released an all-white cover for their 1968 self-titled record, fans quickly began referring to the work as the White Album. Since then, many artists have looked to the polar opposite of the color spectrum for inspiration, resulting in dozens of so-called “Black Albums” over the years.

When was Rust in Peace released?

September 24, 1990Rust in Peace/Release date

Who has sold most albums of all time?

Check out the 50 best-selling music artists of all time by album sales:The Beatles — 183 million units.Garth Brooks — 156 million units. … Elvis Presley — 146.5 million units. … Eagles — 120 million units. … Led Zeppelin — 111.5 million units. … Billy Joel — 84.5 million units. … Michael Jackson — 84 million units. … More items…•

How many albums has hardwired to self destruct sold?

516,000 copiesHardwired… to Self-Destruct was the best selling heavy metal album of 2016 in the US and seventh overall, with 516,000 copies sold by the end of December.

Is Megadeth a progressive?

I know Megadeth isn’t usually considered prog but this particular song is. Coincidentally, I was questioning (to myself) why Thrash bands like Megadeth and Metallica are not considered progressive metal. … Especially on the earlier Metallica records and even “Rust in Peace” as a whole.

Why did Metallica kick out Dave?

On April 11, 1983, after Metallica had driven to New York to record their debut album, Mustaine was officially fired from the band because of his alcoholism, drug abuse, overly aggressive behavior, and personality clashes with founding members Hetfield and Ulrich, an incident Mustaine refers to as “no warning, no …

What is the order of Metallica albums?

Metallica Discography1983. ‘Kill ‘Em All’ … 1984. ‘Ride the Lightning’ … 1986. ‘Master of Puppets’ … 1988. ‘ … … 1991. ‘Metallica’ … 1996. ‘Load’ … 1997. ‘Reload’ … 1998. ‘Garage Inc.More items…•

How many albums has Megadeth sold worldwide?

38 million recordsMegadeth has sold 38 million records worldwide, earned platinum certification in the United States for six of its fifteen studio albums, and received twelve Grammy nominations.

there is no doubt Metallica is one of the most commercially successful heavy metal bands ever (they have a large library of some of the most heavy sounding tracks and not just heavy, really awesome heavy songs), but Megadeth is that band which has not lost its original heavy sound, hats off for that.

How many copies did Rust in Peace Sell?

one million copiesRelease and reception. In 1994, the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipping one million copies in the United States.

What is Metallica’s biggest hit?

Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Metallica Songs”Fade to Black””Orion” … “Creeping Death” … “For Whom the Bell Tolls” … “Blackened” … “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” … “Battery” … “Seek and Destroy” … More items…•