Question: Is Mandarin Or Cantonese Harder?

Is Mandarin or Cantonese more common?

Worldwide, there are about 66 million Cantonese speakers.

Compare this with Mandarin, which is spoken by about 1 billion people worldwide.

Of all languages, Mandarin is the most widely-spoken..

Can Cantonese understand Mandarin?

Cantonese speakers can normally understand standard mandarin without any problem(some may have problem with heavy accented Mandarin), but some older people may have some problem understanding Mandarin.

What is the ugliest language?

Ugliest is by far Cantonese (sounds like people cursing at each other) followed by Danish (sounds like German and Swedish had a messed up child), Welsh (sounds like people chocking on potatoes), Mandarin (the “sh”, “dzh” and “sch” sounds drive me crazy), and Haitian Creole (sounds like the speaker is performing …

Are Chinese dialects dying?

When people talking about “Chinese dialect dying”, most of them are talking about Cantonese or Hakka, but there’re plenty of dialects in northwest China, in Shanxi and Shan’xi provinces. These are also extremely old dialects (or languages), that slowly dying because no one speak it.

Can Chinese speakers understand Japanese?

They are not simliar at all. Spoken and written Chinese/ Japanese is very distinct from each other indeed. And the people cannot understand each other’s languages . Although Japanese people in fact use a lot of Chinese characters ( 漢字-Kanji), .

Can Hong Kongers speak Mandarin?

According to census figures released this week, 48 per cent of Hong Kong residents can speak Mandarin, compared to 46 per cent who can speak English. Cantonese remains the island’s dialect of choice, with 96 per cent of the population able to speak it.

Is Cantonese the hardest language to learn?

Originally Answered: Is Mandarin Chinese or cantonese Chinese harder to learn? Cantonese is obviously the harder language to learn. It has 9 tones and more vocabularies. Also most Cantonese region outside of mainland uses traditional Chinese as well so it’s a even harder writing system to learn.

How hard is it to learn Mandarin if you know Cantonese?

If you’re referencing to speaking Mandarin Chinese, then yes it can be quite easy. You have a leg up on learning Mandarin because a lot of the words from Cantonese are actually derived from Mandarin. … It does take time to study and learn Mandarin correctly, even if you can already speak the Cantonese dialect of China.

What is the most beautiful language?


What is the most beautiful word in the world?

What Is The Most Beautiful Word In The World?“Cellar Door” One of the most famous theories comes from Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, who proposed in a 1955 speech that “cellar door” is the most beautiful word (or phrase) in the English language. … Words With Positive Connotations. … “Tremulous” And More. … Beautiful Words In Other Languages.

Is Cantonese a dying language?

Cantonese will not die out for the foreseeable future as some alarmists seem to purport, but the Cantonese speaking population may experience a decrease given the greater prominence of Mandarin in China and a decrease in the overseas Cantonese diaspora.

Is Cantonese worth learning?

In essence, Cantonese is the second most spoken Chinese language. … Many would think that it is better to learn Mandarin Chinese because it is easier to study than Cantonese. However, it is still a very important language that is worth learning, especially for business.

Should I learn Cantonese or Mandarin first?

If you really want to be able to connect with people from Hong Kong, Macau, and Canton, you can still consider learning Cantonese. But you should still know that Cantonese is often seen as more difficult. Its use of “tones” can be even more challenging to western speakers than Mandarin. … Mandarin only has 4 tones.

What will be the most spoken language in 2050?

French on course to be the world’s most commonly spoken language by 2050.

What is the hardest Chinese dialect to learn?

So what are the most difficult dialects to understand? A top 10 list recently went viral online, it stated the Wenzhou dialect (温州话), Cantonese (广东话), and Min Nan (闽南话) as being among the most difficult.

Can you replace Cantonese with Mandarin?

The territory, a former British colony transferred to Chinese control in July 1997, is seeing its native language, Cantonese, slowly get replaced by the official language of mainland China, Mandarin. … More than 70 percent of Hong Kong’s primary schools now use Mandarin as the medium of instruction.

What does Cantonese mean?

1 : a native or inhabitant of Guangzhou, China. 2 : the dialect of Chinese spoken in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 3 : a style of Chinese cooking that emphasizes fresh ingredients, subtle tastes, and relatively mild sauces.