Is Gwen Stefani Really Blonde?

What did Gwen do to her face?

‘Her face is 99% fillers and 1% skin’: Gwen Stefani, 50, is accused of getting plastic surgery as fans insist her face looked ‘unrecognizable’ and ‘frozen’ at the Grammys..

How does Gwen Stefani stay blonde?

She gets her hair dyed every single week before taping “The Voice.” Her hairstylist developed a formula that doesn’t include bleach so as not to damage the singer’s hair.

Does Gwen Stefani have hair?

How Gwen Stefani’s Hair Has Stayed Perfectly Platinum Blond for 20 Years. There is one celebrity who has been a platinum blonde for nearly 20 years—and in that time we’ve never, ever seen her roots. Yes, the No Doubt singer has been performing mane magic right in front of our eyes for almost two decades.

Does Gwen Stefani tattoo?

Turns out that Gwen wouldn’t have approved of the picture if the deer tracks surrounded by barbed wire on their arms had been real. … Despite Gwen’s reaction to her niece’s ink, she went on to say that she doesn’t actually have a problem with tattoos, as long as they don’t mirror Blake’s.

What is Gwen Stefani real hair?

Gwen Stefani’s casual hairstyles are mostly long straight blonde hair (she seems to quite loyal to blonde shade), which is either let free-down or simply tied up in a ponytail/top bun.

How does Gwen Stefani stay in shape?

Gwen Stefani says she ‘tortures’ herself in the gym — here’s how she works out to stay in killer shape. … High-intensity weight training, circuit training, and full-body cardiovascular exercise are key components of Gwen Stefani’s workout routine. She works out at least four times a week for 60-75 minutes per session.

Are Gwen and Blake Shelton still together?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship The two met in 2014 while hosting The Voice. But they were both still married. … In November 2015, Stefani and Shelton became official.

How did Blake Shelton lose weight?

Shelton hasn’t always followed the healthiest diet, but he lost 30 lbs. in just 8 weeks by following a few simple rules that are very specific to himself: No refined carbs. No fried foods. … Shelton hired a diet coach to help him along the way.

How much does Gwen Stefani weight?

121 lbsGwen Stefani weighs 55 kg and 121 lbs in pounds. She has an attractive personality with a height of 170 cm or in feet inches 5’7”.