How Long Is Last Christmas On At The Cinema?

Does the girl die in the movie last Christmas?

Explaining the Last Christmas twist Tom died in a biking accident last Christmas, shortly after which Kate, who needed a heart transplant, received his heart.

In their final scene together, after Kate learns the truth, Tom says that she was “always going to have my heart,” one way or another.

Reader, I cried!.

Is Last Christmas a sad movie?

How George Michael’s beloved holiday hit ‘Last Christmas’ became a very sad movie. … Kate (played by Clarke), who’s failing at adulting after recovering from a life-threatening illness, spends much of the film hungover and clad in a green velvet elf costume for her job at a hilariously over-the-top Christmas store.

Does the movie last Christmas have a sad ending?

‘Last Christmas’ ends with the reveal that Kate’s love interest, Tom, is actually dead. He literally gave her his heart the year before in a transplant surgery.

Is Last Christmas suitable for a 10 year old?

Suitable For Mature 10 Year Olds We thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the plot twist at the end) and this will go down as one of my all-time favourite movies. Some parts could be deemed as unsuitable for pre-teens so it just depends on what you are happy to show your child.

Can kids see last Christmas?

Last Christmas is rated PG-13 for language and sexual content, and I would agree with that rating. If your kids or teens are fans of the Hallmark Channel, then they may want to see this movie, because it seems cute like a Hallmark movie. But it’s not a Hallmark movie.

What age certificate is last Christmas?

FeatureTitleTypeCertificateLAST CHRISTMASFilm12ALAST CHRISTMASVideo12Feb 11, 2020